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Gunstock Carving DVD's Now Available

Instructional DVD SET

Includes both DVD's- Basketweave and Fishscale

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"How to carve the Basketweave Pattern" Instructional DVD

Basketweave Gunstock Carving Pattern DVD

This is a Step by Step instructional DVD on how to carve the basketweave pattern. Complete instructions including design layout, all carving steps, which burs to use, and staining. Also included is the basketweave pattern which you can print out right from your own computer. This DVD shows extreme close-ups of every step and is very easy to follow. Approx 60 min in length.  Use the Buy Now button below to purchase.

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 "How to carve the Fishscale Pattern" Instructional DVD

Fishscale Gunstock Pattern DVD Image

Step by Step DVD instruction on How to Carve Fishscale Patterns. 58 minutes. DVD covers design layout, all carving steps, which burs to use, and how to finish your work. DVD also includes Fishscale pattern which is printable from your computer right from the DVD.

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  • Custom Gunstock Carving | Carving Gun Stocks
    Master Wood Carver, Joe Cummings produces fine Wood Carvings. Specializing in Custom Gunstock Carving, Cabinet Doors, Pistol Grips, Attache Briefcases, Fireplace Mantels and Wood Carving.

  • Wood Carving DVD's
    Gunstock Carving DVD's now available. Learn how to carve fishscale and basketweave into gunstocks. Turn your gunstocks into family heirlooms with a custom gunstock you!

  • Joe Cummings | Master Gunstock Carver
    Joe Cummings has spent most of his life outdoors. He is an avid hunter and fisherman. His taxidermy background has allowed him to produce life-like animal wood carvings.

  • Training Classes
    Wood Carving training classes taught by Joe Cummings. Learn wood carving, gunstock carving, and more. Beginner carving classes teach fishscale, basketweave and leaves carved in wood. Take a carving class today.

  • Wood Carving Photo Gallery
    Photos of Wood Carvings by Master Wood Carver Joe Cummings. You will be amazed at the detail that Joe is able to get in his Gunstock Carvings, Cabinet Doors, Wood Briefcases and Custom Fireplace Mantels.

    • Gunstock Carving by Joe Cummings
      Gunstock Carving is one of Joe Cummings specialties. Turn your guns into cherished family heirlooms with a Custom Carved Gunstock by Joe Cummings.

    • Custom Attache Cases by Joe Cummings
      Among the world's finest briefcases. Offered in American Cherry or Natural Walnut. Solid Wood construction (no veneers) and impeccable hand joinery are enhanced by a durable, hand rubbed satin finish with Sueded Pigskin interior. Custom carved by Master Wood Carver Joe Cummings.

    • Custom Carved Fireplace Mantels
      A Custom Carved Fireplace Mantel by Joe Cummings is unlike and other Fireplace Mantel in the world. Themes are based around the Old West. Add a custom touch to your Fireplace and a conversations piece that is sure to demand attention.

    • Custom Cabinet Doors
      Add that special touch to your office or kitchen with a custom carved cabinet door. Available in any design you choose. No refinishing is required. Contact me today for a free quote.

    • Custom Pistol Grip Carving
      Custom Pistol Grips professionally carved by Joe Cummings. Make your pistol a one of a kind that will be passed down to future generations as a cherished keepsake.

    • Wood Carving Pictures
      Here you will find some real close up pictures of the extreme details that Joe Cummings carves into each of his projects. Joe's fine animal carvings are among the best you will find.

    • Other Carvings
      Wood Carvings by Custom Wood and Gun Stock Carver, Joe Cummings. Hand carved original works of art by master gunstock carver.

  • Free Carving Patterns
    Here is where you can find Free Carving patterns for your projects. Print off the designs right from your computer to use in your own work.

  • Free Gunstock Carving Pattern Request
    Please e-mail me your contact information and I will send you a link where you can find my Basketweave and Fishscale Pattern FREE.

  • Free Carving Patterns Download
    Free Wood Carving patterns by master wood carver Joe Cummings. These free patterns are great for learning gunstock carving and more.

  • Wood Tips
    Tips and techniques for helping you in your own wood carving. These articles will give you advice from experts on Wood Carving, selecting the right wood and more.

    • Antiques - Wood Basics Article
      Oak, mahogany, walnut, pine, rosewood, maple, elm; you may have some or all of these woods in your home. But, do you know how to tell the difference among them? In this month’s column, we’ll talk about the different kinds of wood that are regularly seen in antique furniture and some common decorative treatments.

    • Woodworking Beginners Article
      The art of woodworking is one of the most ancient and widespread. From the earliest days when humans first experimented with the many uses for wood, our civilization has had a connection with this material, in all its varieties and forms.

    • Start a Home Woodworking Business
      Starting a Home Wood Working Business is just the thing for those who love working with wood as a hobby. The quality and design of hand crafted wood is prized the world over.

    • Walking Sticks - A Money Making Hobby - Article
      Carving walking sticks wasn't meant to be a money-making hobby for me. I sometimes made them when backpacking, and I had always enjoyed taking my pocket knife to a piece of wood to see what I could make. I just hadn't thought of doing anything more with the hobby.

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 Taking Joe’s engraving class proved to be both educational and exciting.  I left the class with enthusiasm and confidence that “I can do this”.- Chad Ruseler, Post Falls, Idaho

Free Patterns


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Basket Weave Pattern by Joe Cummings Image

"I took Joe Cummings beginning gunstock carving class...I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their carving skills. Joe is an excellent teacher and his personal work will inspire you to be better."  - Dr. Mark O. Gehmlich, M.D.

Free Patterns

Training DVD's 

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Basketweave Carving Pattern Image 

I recently purchased and watched your instructional dvd's. What an inspiration. I can't wait to start carving my very first gun stock!  Lori Herbst
Lake City, MN


Custom Cabinet Doors

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