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Please Reserve your Place in the class early, space is limited and classes have been selling out fast!



Student - Lynn Miller - Akron, Ohio

Lynn Miller - Student of Joe Cummings

"I want to thank you for all that I learned in your 5-day, one on one class. It was worth every dime I paid, and more. I thought I learned a lot in your 3-day class last year, but the 5-day is at the top of the heap. I am getting some carvings together to put up my own web site and go into business."

Custom Carved Gun Stock with Quail  Carved Gun Stock Image  Cusotm Gun Stock Forearm Engraved





Student Rich Legarra - La Barge, Wyoming


Rich Legarra - Student of Joe Cummings  Gun Carved in Joe's Advanced Class

"Hi Joe, I just wanted to send a short note thanking you for everything you have done for me. First, for becoming a good friend, and second for helping me discover a passion I didn't know I had. It all started with your beginning gunstock carving class which sparked an interest in carving that just continued to grow. You were always available to answer questions as well as critique my work. This aided my progress greatly.  When the opportunity was there for me to take your advanced class, you helped me take my carving to the next level. The time spent with you during the advanced class was when I got to know you as a friend. I highly recommend to anyone who thinks they might be interested in carving wood or gunstocks to take your beginning class - it will ignite a fire. I also highly recommend the advanced class, it will take you to a new level. Again, I really appreciate all you have done and continue to do for me. - Rich Legarra

 About the Class

This is a three day class on Engraving Hardwoods.  Class times run from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m.

You are responsible for your own hotel accomodations. I will recommend a nearby hotel and provide transportation to and from the hotel to the training studio if needed.



Wood Carving Class Image  Wood Carving Training Class Image

Student Jeanie White - Springville, Utah


Here is what Jeanie had to say about Joe...


"Joe Cummings! He’s So Awesome!"

"I’ve been carving about a year but not without the help of some excellent teachers.

At the end of 2004, I had the opportunity of meeting Joe in the very first class he taught. What a great teacher. He is willing to go 200% or what ever it takes to help someone in or out of his classes. He helped me so much with that first class that I had to take another. I so respect and admire him. His patience is remarkable. I should know, he needed plenty with me.

If anyone is thinking of taking one of his classes you don’t have to think hard. His classes were the best time and money I’ve ever spent. He raised my carving passion to a totally new level.

Over the past year, I’ve gotten to know Joe as an awesome teacher and friend."

Thank you so much Joe! Jeanie White.



Classroom Topics covered include the following:

How to choose which carving projects to accept and which to pass on.

Why not to carve on a cheap gunstock.

Pattern layout.

How to carve the basketweave pattern.

How to carve the fishscale pattern.

Semi Relief Wood Carving techniques.

How to finish your work.


You will need to bring your engraving handpiece and burs. All other materials will be provided.

You will be carving for many hours each day. This is a hands on class, not a lecture.

Lunch will be approximately 1 hour each day.



 Wood Carving Class Image Gunstock Carving Class Image 

Before I got here, I didn't think I could do wood carving.  But, after your three day class, I was a lot further ahead than I ever thought possible. I would recommend this wood carving  class to anyone. Thanks Joe. - Harold Mace, Sandy, Utah



Wood Carving Class Image Engraving Class Image

   Chad Ruseler - Post Falls, Idaho                Corbin Ruseler- Age 13

Thank you again for the class this past weekend.  Corbin and I had a wonderful time. Taking your engraving class proved to be both educational and exciting.  To be able to ask a question in the midst of an exercise and get and immediate answer or to be shown how to apply the method I was trying out on my project was beneficial.  I found that being able to not only see your work up close, but to also touch it and feel the detail was worth the trip.  The Hone’s Studio was another bonus because of all the displayed items,  which gave me more exposure to the engraving world.  I left the class with enthusiasm and confidence that “I can do this”.

Chad Ruseler, Post Falls, Idaho



$900.00 (includes lunches)


Class Schedule


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Mailing Address

P.O. Box 489

Levan, Utah 84639 


Phone Number

801 368-2276


Please Reserve your Place in the class early, space is limited and classes have been selling out fast!


 Wood Carving Class Image

 I took Joe Cummings beginning gunstock carving class in February 2006. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their carving skills. Joe is an excellent teacher and his personal work will inspire you to be better. I would recommend getting his DVD's on Fishscale and Basketweave and practicing them before the class - You will progress faster. - Mark O. Gehmlich, M.D.




     I couldn't let this opportunity go by without thanking you.  I have been a school junkie my whole life.  College, graduate school. any school the army would send me to, journeyman schools for any industrial construction work I was doing, and any school the Udot beaurocracy would send me to.  It was always hard to stay focused and concentrate on school,  and boring  jobs. But I was focused in your class and just had to rid myself of several bad habits and to learn how to use the tools effectively.  Even with a bumpy start you stayed with me and exerted the required  effort to rid me of my obvious bad habits, and to recognize those that were not so obvious, and you placed a huge emphasis on professionalism  and doing quality work. Taking your class was a good decision, an was  effective educational experience, and one of the top investments I've made.  It established some good carving skills and I can hear your  voice in my ear when I have screwed up.

    Several people in the Monticello area have taken an interest in wood carving and I will certainly recommend your class to them.  Good luck to you Joe, and thanks again. 

Victor Schafer



Upcoming Class Schedule

 Below are the bur samplers you will need before attending my class.

We have pre-packaged them in sets, for your convenience.


Click on the links below to purchase online.

Basketweave Bur Sampler


Fishscale Bur Sampler


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 Taking Joe’s engraving class proved to be both educational and exciting.  I left the class with enthusiasm and confidence that “I can do this”.- Chad Ruseler, Post Falls, Idaho

Free Patterns


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"I took Joe Cummings beginning gunstock carving class...I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their carving skills. Joe is an excellent teacher and his personal work will inspire you to be better."  - Dr. Mark O. Gehmlich, M.D.

Free Patterns

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Basketweave Carving Pattern Image 

I recently purchased and watched your instructional dvd's. What an inspiration. I can't wait to start carving my very first gun stock!  Lori Herbst
Lake City, MN


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